Sergeant Young

Sgt Young - License To Carry | SGT YOUNG



When a strong man, fully armed guards his own house,
his possessions are safe.

(NKJV)Luke 11:21


I am dedicated to providing law abiding citizens in the state of Texas a way of protecting themselves and their families.
Outlaws have guns and weapons because they do not abide by the law. They have nothing to lose, but, you do.
My mission is to provide you the law abiding citizen with the quality state certified training necessary to give you peace of mind of keeping you and your family safe. 
I pledge quality training wheather there is one person in my class or 340 people in attendance.

  • Are you looking for a Good Instructor who will tell you the truth and prepare you for real world of concealed handgun carry?
  • Do you need someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to guns?
  • If you answered yes, then SGT. YOUNG is the Instructor for you.
  • Call  713-823-5522
  • For Class times and dates call me
  • I can also certify you if you have taken a Texas License To Carry Class on line


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